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Vijay Panday

Mr. Vijay Pandey has more than 8 years rich experience in MicroFinance sector. Having acquired degree in commerce he started his career of microfinance with Asia’s biggest MF company named Cashpor Micro Credit (CMC). In the Cashpor Micro Credit he got opportunity to understand the process and procedures of microfinance at ground level. He worked in CMC for three years at various responsible positions. He sifted to India’s fast growing MFI named SONATA and worked for more t han two years at senior management level. During the work with SONATA he was head of operations and later headed internal audit department. He initiated the company Bhartiya Micro Credit and presently associated as Managing Director.

Share Holding pattern of BMC

Name of Shareholder No. of Shares Amount (Rs.) % of holding
Vijay Pandey 34,50,000 3,45,00,000 69.00%
Wheel Enterprises 14,80,000 1,48,00,000 29.60%
Greenwood Advisory services LLP 70,000 7,00,000 1.40%
Total 50,00,000 5,00,00,000 100%

Percentage of Share Holding pattern

Vijay Pandey

69.00% 69.00% Complete

Wheel Enterprises

29.60% 29.60% Complete

Greenwood Advisory services LLP

1.40% 1.40% Complete